Why pay more for Omega-3 when you can get the best quality for less?

Professional Quality at Factory Direct Prices from 3 Care Therapeutics!

3Care Therapeutics offers a full line of professional grade omega-3 fish oil options and companion nutritional formulations designed for maximum efficacy and patient compliance. Our formulas are only available through healthcare professionals and provide the best quality and value available

We offer health professionals a complete line of premium-quality omega-3 fish oil formulas that are custom-made to the highest possible standards by our Norwegian manufacturing partner, Napro Pharma. The Norwegian factory is one of the few in the world that is pharmaceutically licensed for its exceptional production methods and technology. All 3Care omega-3 formulas are guaranteed by third-party purity analysis to be free of environmental toxins and microorganisms.

Advantages of our omega – 3 formulas include:

Safety, Quality, Variety — 3 Care Therapeutics Goes the Extra Mile for Your Patients' Health
  • Premium fish stock from the cold waters of the South Pacific
  • Custom made by our Norwegian manufacturing partner, Napro Pharma
  • Produced in one of the world’s only pharmaceutical licensed facilities
  • Proprietary detoxification technology removes toxins, odors, and bad tastes
  • Third-party certified free of toxins, molds, heavy metals, and pesticides by Eurofins labs
  • Natural citrus flavors, no repeat, no fish taste or smell
  • 12 formulas to choose from
  • Excellent prices and happy patients

The 3 Care Value Advantage - The Best Quality at a Better Price

3Care has a strong relationship with Napro Pharma, one of two pharmaceutically licensed omega-3 manufacturing facilities in Norway. We are able to import Napro's award winning omega-3 formulas without paying brokers and middle-men.

Our business model is to keep overhead low while offering unmatched quality and service.  Why pay more for omega-3 formulas you can get the best quality for less?